Wrong Love

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Freaking moodswings

On the bright side, gonna get Bad 25 whenever my mom gets home :)

He’s in love and im not her. ..
Had to find out the hard way




This did not just happen

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Not gonna lie.. One kiss is all I want since we cant be together, js .____.



wow, this speaks volumes. don’t let them clip your wings, friends.

THis makes me genuinely sad.

I seriously wish sometimes that I didnt have a crush on michael :/

I shut up now

I hate when I let my emotions get the best of me, I get mad over stupid things. I cant help it lol thats just who I am

I feel like people are talking about me, most.likely they are. Everyone will talk about you.

I love my friends I really do. The 3 I know. Sometimes I.question whether they love me, for no reason lol. Just to see their response, to get that little selfish satisfaction… And for what? Just to make them feel bad. I will feel bad to. Not right then, but i’ll look on it.

so I pray, I literally pray everynight for shauna, daisy, michael. Everyone. Seriously I do, it makes me feel good about myself

I know im not ugly, I love to hear people call me pretty. Another selfish satifaction. Call me an attention seeker, I have a reason. I have been called ugly a lot when I was a child, I never under stood why…. Thats why I like to get called pretty. Its rare.

" truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just have to find the right ones to suffer for"- bob marley. I couldnt agree more